Waldorfest Novelties in 2015
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Bine Zagorc
Waldorfest Novelties in 2015

Dear Folks!

In the New Year, we wish you to thrive in any given moment and to bring uniqueness to the society/world/universe.

With spring in our step, we continue to aspire on how to facilitate usable and effective networking strategy for Waldorf alumni. So here we are again with a short report and exciting news!

SHORT REPORT (2013-2014)

We are happy to report that 994 individuals liked Waldorfest FB profile so far, thus almost reaching first milestone worth mentioning.

The most represented countries are Brazil, USA, Slovenia, France, Austria, Australia, UK, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Denmark, Italy, Finland, Sweden and Netherlands, with more than 10 likes.

FB likes were analysed as well by gender and age groups. As you can see on a simple graph, the most active age groups are between 18 – 44 years.

Men are generally more represented than women with an exception in age group 18 – 24 years in which women are more active. Of course we should point out that older population (65+) is limited by internet/FB use.

However, it is important to acknowledge that certain percentage of likes were made by non-alumni who simply supported information on the page.


In addition, we are staring to observe weak but steady snowball effect. For the sustainable growth of the network, it is crucial that this effect exists.

This FB page is available to everyone. Anyone, who is not Waldorf alumni is considered as Waldorf Friend and is an equal member. However, only Waldorf alumni can register to private and secure network www.waldorfest.com.


We are continuously searching and collecting information to develop strategy on how to serve our purpose to such community.

We already offered tools (www.waldorfest.com) and an event (Waldorfest 2014) that could promote networking and collaboration of Waldorf alumni.

So, our next step is to tailor networking opportunities to possible needs of current and future members.

  • Since the audience has grown, the time has come to work on retention of those who liked it. To initiate engagement of Waldorf alumni on-line, we are starting with a mission to show successful, internationally acknowledge individuals who attended Waldorf School.

    This year, we picked 12 interesting people, which will be portrayed from various viewpoints. In March we will start with a series of posts dedicated to first famous Waldorf alumni. Each of internationally recognised Waldorf alumni will be presented for a month.

    Next year, members will have an opportunity to nominate 12 famous Waldorf alumni!!
    So, don’t hesitate to comment or engage and add additional data about the monthly portrayal 😉
  • To encourage networking opportunities we will introduce novelties to Waldorfest festival as well.
    2) Furthermore, it became obvious to us, that it is difficult to catch specific date of Waldorfest, so this year festival will extend to 14 days! It will start on 1st August and end on 14th August.3) While some of you already have partners or kids, there will be a possibility to bring one non-alumni adult and/or your children.4) We are aware, that some of you might plan your vacation ahead! Therefore, we will make it possible for you to book your spot in advance (booking will be availible in May 2015 @ www.waldorfest.com). There will be 100 spots per day available and hopefully you will find the date that suits you.

If you have suggestions for our strategy or you wish to collaborate with us, we are open to new ideas and excited to welcome new members of Waldorfest team!

Simply contact us via info@waldorfest.com.

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