Get to know Famous Waldorf Alumni!
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Bine Zagorc
Get to know Famous Waldorf Alumni!

We are happy to welcome you to a new adventure:

Get to know Famous Waldorf Alumni!

During the next 12 months we will portray 60 Famous Waldorf Alumni (5 per month) who are recognized in their home countries or internationally for positive contributions to the arts, science, politics, commerce, industry, and other fields. They share the same educational background as all the other Waldorf Alumni. Therefore, we hope that this information will inspire you and remind you of the various qualities and interests that you may possess.

We are confident that exchanging on these interests and qualities among members of Waldorfest will give you and others the opportunity to network in beneficial and adventurous ways!

If you work in the same field as portrayed Famous Waldorf Alumni or you are interested in it don’t be shy & feel free to share your knowledge or ideas about the topic on the Waldorfest forum:

We are honoured to announce that this series of Famous Alumni profiles is being endorsed by “theWaldorfs”, publishers of “The International List of Famous Waldorf Alumni”. Furthermore, we invite you to check their most comprehensive list of Famous Waldorf Alumni and Waldorf Parents: 

or connect to their facebook:

or twitter page:

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